Brothers and Sisters,

This week marks the 21st National Public Service Week (NPSW) which was established to mark the important contributions made by federal public service employees to Canadians. It is a week that we should be celebrating what each and every one of you do.

UCTE members are proud public servants in both the public and private sectors. Each of you are a critical link in keeping travelling Canadians safe whether you work as an inspector, an airport firefighter, as part of a search and rescue dive team, behind the scenes in administration, or any one of the multitude of roles our members perform.

Unfortunately while this government “celebrates” NPSW, it continues to undermine the public service. While allegedly honouring the work you do, the government has picked this week to announce changes to sick leave and long term disability which you have earned. Instead of focusing its energy on ensuring administrative fairness in the Senate, this government is pre-occupied with breaking unions – an entity that fights for health and safety, democracy, and fairness in treatment and does not cost them as employers or taxpayers a single dime. This government has undermined the work of our members by closing search and rescue bases, by replacing members with students on the organization charts and by perpetuating systemic discrimination between similar classification groups.

Despite all of this, UCTE members continue to provide quality service to travelling Canadians. You personify all that is good about public service: integrity, reliability and vitality. Remember to celebrate each other and the work you do by participating in the various activities being hosted by your Union in your regions. UCTE is a stronger union thanks to members like you.

In Solidarity,

Christine Collins