UCTE is proud to offer 4 memorial scholarships.

2017 Post-secondary scholarships: UCTE awards annually, 2 memorial scholarships, one based on academic achievement and the other based on financial need, to the children and/or grand-children of members who are entering their first year of post-secondary education.

Applications for the 2017 Memorial Scholarship must be received in the national office by August 21, 2017. You can receive an application either through your Local or download a scholarship application.

The D. Bennett/W. Weaver Memorial Scholarship

for Labour College

In accordance with Regulation XV, the D. Bennett/W. Weaver Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a member who has been approved to attend the Labour College Residential Program. To access this scholarship please speak with your Local Executive or your Regional Vice-President. For more information about this scholarship please contact your Regional Vice-President or download the application here.

The Gary Farrell Scholarship

The Gary Farrell Scholarship is for any member who wants to attend a full or part time program in the area of Health and Safety, Workers Compensation, Duty to Accommodate or Labour Relations or to UCTE members who wish to atten a full or parti time post secondary program in Social Justice or any social science programs. For information about this scholarship, please contact your Regional Vice-President or download the application here.

Previous Scholarship Winners


William Humphrey – Atlantic Region

Natalie Ash – Atlantic Region


Dominque Faucher – Ontario Region


Rachael Topp – Atlantic Region


Darcie Lynne Stack – Atlantic Region

Bridget Ann O’Donnell – Atlantic Region