Members continue to experience delays. At the meeting with Treasury Board on September 7th, PSAC was advised that there have been over 300 new cases filed within a 4- to 6-week period. The current backlog of issues is over 65,000 cases with new issues coming in daily.

UCTE members have always been generous supporters of the Government Workplace Charitable Campaign. Members however have raised concerns that since there are problems around basic pay that by adding GWCC deductions, this may cause further financial hardship for them.

The payroll deductions for GWCC is not our only concern. How can you ask members who are facing significant financial problems due to the Government’s failure to pay them properly to turn around and contribute to this campaign?

Government had stated that there would not be any GWCC payroll deductions until October. However, based on the most recent update, the Phoenix problems will not be fixed on time.

As a result, at the request of members, UCTE is launching a boycott of the GWCC until all the Phoenix problems are fixed. In order to not put the charities that benefit from your donations at risk, we encourage all members to contribute directly to your charity of choice.

Fix the phoenix problems and then all the members can be asked to participate.