With the election just around the corner, it is great to see so many of our members engaged in the democratic process.  We have been receiving questions about everything: from “who do I vote for?” to “where do I vote?”  Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions we have received:

1.      Where do I vote?

First make sure that you are registered to vote by visiting Elections Canada Online Voter Registration Service.  Your voter registration card will detail where both the advanced polls and Election Day polls are located.

If you have not received your voter registration card, please call Elections Canada at 1-800-463-6868.

2.      What is strategic voting?

Strategic voting is when like-minded voters band together to defeat the Conservative party rather than inadvertently electing them through splitting the opposition vote.  There are many websites that contain detailed information about individual ridings.  Two of the more popular are Stategic Voting 2015 or Vote together.

3.      What is vote swapping?

Vote swapping is where people agree to “swap” votes in hopes of not having the Conservatives candidate win the seat.  Basically I agree to vote for the party you support since it is more likely to win in my riding and you would do the same.  There are many websites with more detailed information.  Visit voteswap.ca.


Regardless of who or how you vote, the most important thing is to exercise your democratic rights and vote.