Please find below more information on the flexible repayment options for the recovery of overpayments, emergency salary advances and priority payment amounts that you may have received as a direct result of Phoenix pay issues.

Unless you choose to pay the amounts owing right away, recoveries of these amounts will only start when:

  • all of your outstanding pay transactions are addressed,
  • you have received correct pay for three consecutive pay periods, and
  • a recovery agreement has been established with you.

Public Services and Procurement Canada is responsible for managing recoveries for departments that are serviced by the Pay Centre. [For departments not serviced by the Pay Centre, recoveries will be coordinated through departmental compensation advisors].

 If you were overpaid, received an emergency salary advance or priority payment due to Phoenix pay issues, you will be contacted by the Pay Centre [or a departmental compensation advisor] with information on next steps and recovery options if these flexibilities apply to your situation. If the flexible recovery options apply in your situation, a repayment plan will be put into place taking into account what works for you.

The following Questions and Answers on these flexibilities clarify which types of overpayments are subject to a deferred flexible repayment plan, and which ones will be recovered immediately.

If overpayments have been recovered from your pay since the Directive on the Terms and Conditions of Employment was amended on March 9, 2018, or if the recovery does not align with your agreed upon recovery plan, please contact the Public Service Pay Centre at 1-855-686-4729 or complete a Phoenix feedback form. [For departments not serviced by the Pay Centre, please follow departmental procedures to report a pay issue to the organization’s compensation unit.]

Similarly, if you agreed to a recovery plan prior to these new measures being put in place, and this plan is creating a financial hardship, you can request that the previous agreement be modified so that you can benefit from these new flexibilities.

The Questions and Answers provide further details on these flexible repayment options and how the process works.

You can also find general information and resources to assist with the Phoenix pay system here. In addition, there are claims processes in place to help cover financial losses and expenses you may have incurred because of the implementation of the Phoenix pay system.