Sister Brianna Snider, a member of local 20220 and the Canadian Coast Guard, has written a book celebrating female mariners. In her book Women At Sea, Brianna shares stories that highlight the struggles, bravery and achievements of women in a non-traditional world.

“I really wish there had been something like when I first started going to sea,” said Snider.  “I really had NO idea what it would be like when I joined the Coast Guard as a female mariner.”

Currently women make up only 3% of the sailing population worldwide.

When asked how she came up with the idea, she explained “I decided to write it after coming off the ships because I got pregnant and because I felt there was a story to tell.  Not many people knew what it was like at sea and certainly not as a woman.”

Brianna shares the stories of 25 women as well as her own.  She also includes a section on how to become a sailor for those interested and the steps I took to become a deckhand.

The book is only available in English and can be bought online from or by clicking here.