Your bargaining team has obtained a tentative agreement with the employer.  It has been a long and tough road.  Details will soon follow about the agreement.

The ratification vote will be organized shortly.  We will announce details of the vote as soon as we have them .  We will also be releasing the full ratification kits for you to see well before the votes happen.

Every meeting will have a representative there to explain the deal to you and answer any questions that you may have at that time.  The bargaining team is unanimously recommending this deal.

We hope to see everyone come out to vote.  Come have your say on your collective agreement.


Your bargaining team:

Mike McCullough, negotiating team member

Michelle Timmerman, negotiating team member

Chris Warning, negotiating team member

Michelle Webster, negotiating team member

Dave Clark, UCTE RVP, Pacific Region

Seth Sazant, PSAC Negotiator

David-Alexandre Leblanc, PSAC Research Officer