After three long years, the TC Bargaining Team achieved a tentative agreement.  UCTE would like to recognize the hard work of Brother Keith Parsons.

Some of the highlights of the agreement for UCTE members are

Wage Increases and other economic improvements:

PSAC has achieved the following salary increases for the TC bargaining unit:

  • 1.75% retroactive to June 22,  2011
  • 1.50% retroactive to June 22,  2012
  • 2.00% retroactive to June 22,  2013

EG Rates of Pay

  • Annual allowance of the value of 1.5% of base pay to all EG classifications effective June 22, 2013, after the economic increase is applied

Marine, Aviation and Rail Safety – Technical Inspectors

  • Roll-in of 100% of the respective terminable allowances into wage rates effective June 22, 2013, prior to the economic increase (except TI-6 Marine – 75% roll-in)
  • New terminable allowances under Appendix P, effective June 22, 2013 for all three modes

EG members working as Laboratory and X-Ray Technologists at Norway House and Percy E. Moore Hospitals

  • Annual allowance of $5,000
  • Removal of 8-hour cap on call-back

Canadian Coast Guard Shore-based EG-6, EG-7 and GT-6 though GT-8 positions

  • Recruitment and retention allowance effective June 22, 2013

Visit the PSAC website here for complete details and the ratification kit.