The Nav Canada Board of Directors voted to change the by-laws with regards to foreign representation on the board.  NavCanada had wanted an unrestricted number of foreign directors and the removal of the requirement for the CEO to be a Canadian citizen.  UCTE, through the Nav Canada Bargaining Agents Association (NCBAA), lobbied the government against this.

On August 7, 2018, the Board voted to accept that 2/3 of the board must be Canadian citizens and that the CEO also remains a Canadian citizen.  The NCBAA representative on the Board was the only member to vote against this position.

This decision is now at the Transport Minister’s office for final approval.

UCTE, as well as all members of the NCBAA, have grave concerns about this change.  Unlike past by-law amendments, this major revision was done without any collaboration with the unions.  We are concerned that this is only a stepping stone to the ultimate goal of complete foreign control over Canada’s not-for-profit Air Navigation Service Provider.

The NCBAA continues to lobby Minister Garneau to not approve this decision.  We will keep you advised as things develop.