June 27, 2012

Today Transport Canada advised another 157 people that they may lose their jobs bringing the grand total to 370 employees affected. Of these positions affected today, 107 will be eliminated. Included in this number is the elimination of communication specialists and various administrative functions and, most notably, all regional Health and Safety Advisors who were recently hired to help bring the department into compliance with federal Health and Safety legislation.

“For the last 10 years, the Union has been trying to get Transport Canada to be in compliance with the federal regulations on occupational health and safety”, said Christine Collins, National President of the Union of Canadian Transportation Employees. “Now they are eliminating the very people that are tasked with this critical work. These cuts show how little Transport Canada cares for the people who work for them or the health and safety of its employees.”

Also amongst those receiving notices today are technical inspectors responsible for marine safety and security, as well as civil aviation airworthiness inspector. “We are deeply concerned for the safety of the travelling public. Once again, inspectors in marine safety and security as well as civil aviation are being chipped away at a time when we both know there are not enough inspectors to do the work,” said Collins.