UCTE’s History

In the union’s early years employees who fell under the Department of Transport were represented by various associations such as the Amalgamated Civil Servants; the Canadian Association of Electrical Workers; the Canadian Communications Union; the Commercial Telegraphers Union; the Dominion Canals Employees’ Association; the Civil Service Association; and the Civic Service Federation. In 1966 the approximately 20 associations merged to form the Department of Transport Component.

In March of 1967, the Department of Transport Component was given a seat on the P.S.A.C. National Board of Directors Committee, whereby Brother Don C. Bennett was responsible to represent the interests of those members who fell within the Department of Transport Canada as the component’s first National President.

May 9-11, 1969 marked the component’s First (1st) Triennial Convention, held in Ottawa ON. At this convention, Brother John McLernon won the nomination as the Component’s first elected National President. It was also at this Convention that the Component changed its name from the Department of Transport Component to the Union of Canadian Transport Employees.

In 1972 the Component’s Second (2nd) Triennial convention, held in Edmonton AB Brother Guy Jacob became the second elected National President.

In 1975, the Union of Canadian Transport Employees held its Third (3rd) Triennial Convention, in Ottawa, On where Brother Guy Jacob was re-elected National President.

In 1978, the Fourth (4th) Triennial Convention held in Halifax, NS marked a turn of events for the Union of Canadian Transport Employees. Brother Guy Jacob won the position of President elect for his 3rd term. However, after having only served six (6) months into his new term, Brother Jacob ran for and won the position of Vice-President elect for the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC). Brother William “Bill” Fryfield, assumed the position of National President for the Union of Canadian Transport Employees.

In 1981, the UCTE held it’s Fifth (5th) Triennial Convention in Toronto, ON. Brother Robert “Bob” Cox won the position of National President.
In 1984, the sixth (6th) Triennial Convention was held in Ottawa, ON and once again, Brother Cox won the nomination, only to serve his now, second term with UCTE.

In 1987, the seventh (7th) Triennial Convention was held in St. John’s Newfoundland. Brother Cox, once again won the nomination and served his third (3rd) term with the UCTE.

In 1990, the eighth (8th) Triennial Convention was held in Vancouver BC. Brother Cox once again ran and won his nomination, his 4th straight consecutive term as a full-time National President. This Convention also earmarked some changes within the structure of UCTE as the National Executive, initially comprised of 15 members, was reduced to five (5) full-time paid Regional Vice-Presidents:

In 1993, the 9th Triennial Convention was held in Québec City. Brother Robert Desfonds was elected as the new National President elect for the UCTE.

In 1996, the 10th Triennial Convention was held in Toronto ON. Brother Robert Desfonds won his 2nd term as National President.

In 1999, the 11th Triennial Convention was held in Montréal (Québec). This Convention became that in which changed the UCTE name from the then, Union of Canadian Transport Employees, to what we know it today as, the Union of Canadian Transportation Employees (UCTE). The position of National President also changed hands to Brother Michael Wing.

In 2002, the 12th Triennial Convention was held in the Hull, Quebec. Brother Michael Wing was once again nominated and won his 2nd straight consecutive term.

The UCTE celebrated their 13th Triennial Convention September 25-28, 2005 in St. John’s, NL- and this Convention marked significant changes to the National Executive. Sister Christine Collins became the first woman ever to occupy the seat of the National Vice-President. The National President, Brother Michael Wing once again won his 3rd straight consecutive term. Also, the Ontario region was divided into two (2): Ontario East and Ontario West regions.

The UCTE celebrated their 14th Triennial Convention on October 5-8, 2008 in Toronto, Ontario at the Hilton Toronto Hotel.  Sister Christine Collins became the first woman to occupy the seat of National President.  Brother Kerry Williams was elected National Vice-President.  Elected Regional Vice-Presidents are: in B.C., Brother Stephen Dunsmore; in the Prairies, Sister Teresa Eschuk; in Ontario, Sister Darlene Brown; in Quebec, Brother Richard Côté; and in the Atlantic, Brother Wayne Fagan.