80809 Dartmouth (Treasury Board)


President                                 Barry MacDonald

Vice-president                          Sharon Hatt

1st Vice-president – SC            Shane Rideout

Secretary                                 Annette White

Treasurer                                Nicole Wright


Welcome to Local 80809. We hail from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Our local consists of approximately 550 members, split between Coast Guard, Transport Canada and the Pilotage authority in Halifax. As you can imagine, with this variety of members, things can get quite hectic what with union work and going out to sea for a living. With the recent resolving of the jurisdiction issue between Environment Component and the UCTE, we gained over 100 new members. I would like to take this opportunity to say good-bye and good luck to the members we have lost and to welcome our new members. The majority of them belong to Ships Crews. Welcome aboard. Before I begin to explain the Coast Guard operations in Dartmouth, I would like to take this time to recognize the crew of the Sir William Alexander for the outstanding job they did during the hurricane relief effort in the Gulf Coast of the United States. They performed numerous tasks in extreme conditions. Their country and their union should be very proud of them. The men and women of the Alexander should be proud of their work and accomplishments. We are heading into a very busy time as members of the CCG. November and December are busy as lobster season and the buoy winter pick-up begin. Lobster season is starting towards the end of November from Halifax down to the other side of Yarmouth, N.S. The first few days are the most dangerous since this is when the fishers all rush out with their loaded boats, trying to get to their favorite spots on the fishing grounds. If, and when, disaster strikes, the Coast Guard is out there early to help out as best we can. In the new year, our icebreakers prepare for the winter season as they work the region of the Gulf of the St. Lawrence, keeping the shipping lanes open and allowing economic activity in this region to continue year-round. Late in the winter season and early spring, we assist with harbour breakouts and escort the fishers early in the season. So, as you can see, we will be very busy over the next few months. Besides these tasks, we continue to perform our search-and-rescue and fisheries patrol duties as well as anything that is related to the marine industry.