X3040 NTCL Hay River (Other)


President                       Keith Linehan


Secretary/Treasurer      Leslie Mundy


UCTE members of Local X3040 provide the bulk of shore-based support services for NTCL based in Hay River, Northwest Territories. Approximately 110 UCTE members are employed by NTCL in various positions. Local X3040 members cover a broad spectrum of work classifications including labourers, administrative support, equipment and computer operators and skilled tradespeople including welders, electricians, carpenters, to name just a few of the occupational groups within our local. NTCL, Canada’s only pan-Arctic marine operator, provides cost-effective, reliable and comprehensive marine transportation and related services throughout Northern Canada and the Arctic. UCTE members provide support for the principal transportation link for the movement of bulk petroleum products and dry cargo to communities, defence installations and oil and gas exploration sites across the North. By Northern Canadian standards, NTCL is a very long established company. It has provided marine services throughout the Mackenzie River Watershed since 1934 and along the Western Arctic coast and islands since 1957. Arctic service was extended to Alaska in 1963 when the company was the first to transport a drill rig by barge to Alaska’s North Slope. In 1975, operations were inaugurated from the Port of Churchill, Manitoba, to service communities in the Kivalliq region of Nunavut.