80824 Strait of Canso (Treasury Board)



Vice-president               Michael Kehoe

Secretary-treasurer  Denise Loder

Chief Shop Steward   Gregory Castle


Members of Strait of Canso Local 80824 UCTE live and work in the Strait of Canso area which lies between Cape Breton Island and mainland Nova Scotia. They include TIs that inspect maritime shipping vessels, CRs and a GT that provide administrative services, GLTs who are technicians that maintain buoys and lighthouses, provide emergency response for marine pollution. However, the majority of the 22 members operate and maintain the Canso canal. During the navigation season, the canal provides transit for approximately 2200 commercial and pleasure vessels. The canal is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When the Canso causeway was built in 1955, the Canso canal was formed to allow access for shipping between the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the Atlantic Ocean. The lock is 243.8m long and 24.4m wide, and is capable of passing a vessel that is 224 m in length and having a draft not exceeding 8.5m. with the creation of the causeway, the north side freezes over during the winter months and the south-side becomes the deepest ice-free port in North America. This is the only system of lock operated by the Canadian Coast Guard.