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Happy Birthday, Nav Canada. Congratulations on your 22-year anniversary! PS: Our members have been without a contract for 305 days.

Happy Birthday, Nav Canada?

Today is Nav Canada’s 22nd birthday. Hurray! But if UCTE members aren’t feeling particularly festive today, perhaps it’s because they’ve been without a contract...

Update re NAV Canada Pension Plan

Approximately one year ago, NAV Canada and its unions addressed the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) about changes to the pension...


UPDATE: Nav Canada Pension Plan discussions

We are providing this update to clarify any misinformation that may exist about the NAV CANADA Pension Plan (NCPP).

For some time now, NAV CANADA has been engaged in discussion with the Nav Canada Bargaining Agents Association (NCBAA) about changes to the NCPP including indexation. The ultimate goal of these discussions has been to solve the “pension problem”. The “pension problem” is the volatility of the solvency liabilities and associated contributions NAV CANADA is required to make.

The NCBAA continues to engage the employer in discussions about pension plan reform. The purpose of this is to determine, in a non-prejudicial forum, whether a suitable arrangement could reached for consideration by the various Unions. To date this has not been achieved.

The principle activity in these discussions has been focused on ways to limit the volatility that comes with solvency calculations as prescribed by law. It appears that to accomplish this goal we must improve the pension benefit in several ways that would create a benefit that is the same or better than what we enjoy today.

With respect to any proposed changes, members can expect to receive more information if and when an agreement is finalized. In the end, it will be the members of the Pension Plan that have the final say on any proposed changes to the Plan.

Please rest assured that we are doing everything possible to protect the best interest of the membership. No deal will be finalized until all members have had their say.

In summary

  • There is no agreed to “deal”.
  • Any proposal must be “as good as or better” or it will be rejected.
  • Any proposal must go to the UCTE National Executive for assessment and agreement to proceed.
  • Any proposal must go to full membership ratification.

In solidarity,

Christine Collins



UCTE/PSAC members at Nav Canada have voted overwhelmingly to let an arbitrator rule on the implementation of the new classification plan. After several rounds of negotiation on the issue, the two parties were unable to reach agreement on new pay bands because the employer has not committed sufficient funds to the project. Based on the current proposed funding, the majority of members in the bargaining unit would be salary protected, and the jobs would then be compensated at levels far below where they stand today. This was completely unacceptable to the bargaining team, and the members have voted convincingly to move on to a third party hearing. The classification plan itself is sound, and is the product of joint union-management efforts. The problem is that the employer isn’t putting enough money into the conversion process, and this is what we will be asking an arbitration board to look at. In addition, the challenge process has yet to be finalized, and we have serious concerns with the employer’s desire to allow managers to challenge the classification of the positions they supervise. Depending upon the schedule of the chosen arbitrator, we anticipate that the hearing will take place in either September or October. We will post the scheduled dates as soon as they become available. The bargaining team wishes to thank all of the members who came to the ratification meetings in full force, united to let the employer know that they can’t implement a new classification plan by gutting the bargaining unit. We work hard, we deserve proper acknowledge for the work that we do, and we deserve appropriate compensation. Let’s not foget that this is what this whole exercise was supposed to be about in the first place.