Our thoughts and support go out to our brothers and sisters of Local 90916 that work at the St. John’s International Airport who went on strike as of 5:00 a.m. Monday September 11th.

Members have been without a collective agreement since 2009 and are seeking an economic package that will bring them in line with industry standards for comparable international airports.

“UCTE/PSAC represents members at most federally regulated airports. St. John’s International Airport Authority (SJIAA) is in a very healthy position financially and is expanding to be similar to the size of Halifax Airport. And yet, our members have not received a wage increase since 2008. This is simply not fair,” said Christine Collins, UCTE National President.

About 85 maintenance and emergency workers, including fire fighters, equipment maintenance and runway cleaning, are on the picket line after talks broke off with airport management.

“All we want to do is get back to the table to negotiate an agreement that reflects the reality faced by not just our members today but those who will work for SJIAA in the future,” said Wayne Fagan, UCTE RVP Atlantic.

To send messages of support to the members visit www.ucte90916.com